Epirus Apartments

Epirus Apartments

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Epirus offer a great number of apartments for any kind of needs.

Epirus is a predominantly rugged and mountainous region. It is largely made up of the Pindus Mountains, a series of parallel limestone ridges. The climate of Epirus is mainly alpine in the interior and mediterranean along the coast. Epirus is heavily forested, mainly by coniferous species.
Epirus has an increasing tourist arrivals at the last years because of it's phisical natural beauty. The mainland of Epirus has great mountains offering a number of activities as mountain ski, rafting, Kayaking, horse riding etc. Also offer handrends of beaches with crystal clear water from Preveza to Sivota.
The main cities of Epirus are, Ioannina (is the capital of Ioannina Prefecture and of Epirus), Arta, Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Metsovo, Parga, Syvota, Paramythia, Konitsa.
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Our Apartments list include luxury apartments, budget apartments, family apartments, beach apartments etc.
Enjoy your vacations in the magnificent Epirus apartments !!!

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